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Top 5 Women’s summer fashion trends that you can find on Tina’s Touch on Style

Top 5 Women’s summer fashion trends that you can find on Tina’s Touch on Style

The summer season and the warmer weather always bring that much-needed and desired positivity in women’s general mood. That is especially accentuated with the choice of makeup looks and fashion outfits. Prints and colors are just some of the most common fashion choices that women go for during the summer season.

This summer fashion season brings a variety of different styles and colors. It is full of optimism that there will be more socializing and spending quality time with friends, even partying. The fashion industry has set the trends with the tone that mixes the comfortable with the trendy, making dressing up a thing again.

We at Tina’s Choice on Style are completely dedicated to offering you the best possible fashion garments that will not only fit your style but will also bring a dose of trendiness. With us, you will have the opportunity to explore and redefine your fashion style, upgrade your wardrobe and present yourself in the best possible fashion light.

Since the summer season is just around the corner, now is the right time to see what the latest fashion trends bring and stock up on some pieces that will help you flaunt the trends impeccably.


  1. Puffy sleeves

The trend of puffy sleeves appeared a few seasons ago, and it is still very popular. Originally, the puffy sleeves, or at least a version of them, comes from the Victorian era, where all the dresses featured these plumped, baloney sleeves. With the touch of fresh fashion breath, the puffy sleeves have made a major return on the fashion scene. Their popularity is so big even today, that puts the regular sleeve to shade. The puffy sleeves have the power to transform an outfit and add a special tone of grace and elegance. For the summertime, the best way to flaunt this trend is to choose a top garment where the sleeves will come in some see-through fabric or mesh.




  1. Knits and nets

The trend of knits and nets is one of the trends that many would consider more appropriate for the beach. However, the fashion designers and the critics do not agree. They put the knits and the nets as part of the daily wear, something that will bring difference and varsity into the regular clothing choices. In those terms, the knits and nets come in all different clothing options: from outwear pieces to loungewear and pajamas. Since the pandemic started, pajamas and loungewear became popular clothing choices for running errands around the city, so, for those who are looking for comfortability, knitted pajamas are a fashionable and cool choice.




3. Florals

One of the prints that never go out of style is the florals. Although many would consider the prints as a choice for the spring season, this year's trends put them as a summer option too. Florals are feminine and cool. They bring so much difference and playfulness to the outfit that you do not have to look for additional accessories to complete any outfit. As a pattern, they are rich and bold, and they come in so many different styles and colors. This season, the floral pattern puts the focus on bigger and bolder details that will dominate the entire look. And there is no better way to show your flower love than choosing the ultimate summer garment – a long floral maxi dress.


Our suggestion: MAXI FLORAL DRESS


4. Vibrant pinks

 Pink might not be the color of 2021, but it is the shade that you should consider for summer 2021. The summer fashion trends choose pink as one of the colors that come in a variety of strong and vibrant options, perfect for the summer season. And there is everything for everyone: from bubblegum pink to magentas and rich fuchsia, pink is a color that you should not miss. If the pink garments seem boring to you, then, a wonderful option is to go with pink heels and flaunt your unique style.


Our suggestion: TASHA HEELS BY XTI


5. Beach-inspired jewelry pieces

The fashion trends are always closely connected to the accessories trends, especially with jewelry. What comes as a nice refresher this season is the return of the playful and interesting jewelry pieces that are beach-inspired. Longing for the days at the beach, enjoying the sun, and having fun was more than a motivation for the accessories department to include lots of details that will keep the beach theme on point. There is an abundance of choices that include wearing gold, beads, pearls, and other beach-inspired shapes that will deliver the sandy beaches and the hot summer closer to you.




We hope that these top 5 summer fashion trends will inspire you to upgrade your closet and fashion styles. After a long time at home, now is the right moment to get prepared for the hot summer days and flaunt the best fashion choices. Tina’s Touch of Style puts special attention on providing the latest fashion trends through unique pieces and accessories that will make your fashion style and outfit unique and original. The constant introduction of new arrivals speaks of our constant care and dedication to keeping you updated and informed about the trends and novelties. 

For more fashion inspiration and a unique selection of fashion garments and accessories head to Tina’s Touch of Style

Enjoy shopping!